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Hi followers/watchers/viewers (or anyone who's still around), I'm more active at my tumblr!
Hi watchers, viewers, friends! It's been awhile hasn't it?

I know I disappeared off of deviantART for about 3 years while lurking here and then, but I just thought I'd pop in and give at least some updates.

I guess I'll start off with a life update:

I'll try to keep this short but I've been busy in life. Ever since I transferred to my current university 3 years ago after my freshman year
(I decided to pursue into doing a fine arts degree for teaching instead of going into science, which I am awful at and lack the passion for), I basically stopped going on here as well as retiring from MapleStory at the same time (the game went officially downhill to me after Unleashed was released). At the same time, I decided to get my butt off of the computer and actually do stuff besides school -- work and volunteering (up to this day). I actually learned a lot from my job and volunteering as a studio assistant at a local gallery and frankly, the skills I gained are invaluable.

There ARE times where I wonder why did I do this to myself (E.g. The past few summers including this one, I work 6 days a week from 3-11 while volunteering in the mornings/less than 8 hours of sleep/pulling all nighters etc) but hey, hard work pays off right? There are also a lot of times where I wish I traveled back in time to tell my young self to not be so lazy and actually get a job/volunteer more...but right now, I gotta focus on what I have to do now and for the future (Make sure that my extra year of university is worth it [didn't graduate yet, not ready], applying for my B.Ed, getting teaching experience...etc).

Since my transfer, I also worked a LOT on my social skills (E.g. Being able to start a conversation, talking to someone I don't know without feeling scared unless they make me unsafe/uncomfortable, etc) to the point where my social anxiety and depression is not as severe as it was when I was a teenager. Sure I was a very angsty teenager with a not-so-positive attitude, and of course I still have anxiety issues...but I'm definitely proud of myself of how far I've come and grown since then. I'm a whole lot happier today compared to back then. I'm glad that I transferred to my current school that gave me the right setting and motivation to improve myself -- and more importantly, I formed meaningful and genuine friendships with people IRL, which was what I lacked when I was in high school (people were judgemental in HS and let's just say my friends...aren't so great). With that, I moved on to surrounding myself with better people in university.

As a bonus, I even entered into my first relationship of one year (we're onto our second year together, I'm also his first girlfriend). I'm not counting those online relationships from MapleStory because that was in my teenage years and those are never serious anyway (teenagers being teenagers basically, it's rare to have actual commitment since your teen years from what I see). Regardless I'm very happy to have found my first love, and I hope to continue our time together. ^_^

I also have to give my huge thanks to my online friends (mainly from MapleStory) for always giving me the support whenever I needed it. Some of them was also my inspiration and motivation for improving myself. I learned a whole lot from how they handle things in their situations, getting over heartbreaks, pointing out how unreasonable I'm being (there were a lot of times where I was being a little shit, I admit that) -- those lessons are also invaluable to me. Although I may not talk to these people as often as I would like, just know that I'm always here for you (you know who you are).

Yeah, that's the overall glimpse of what happened. For what I'm doing now these days, I'm off one semester doing my summer job and I just finished my hours for a course internship.

Hey what about your art? Why did Blazi stop posting all of a sudden?

Oh I didn't stop doing art (obviously because I'm a fine arts major). I just didn't have the time to do anything on my own since because of the above. Although I've taken a lot of documentary and did a LOT of projects throughout my fine arts program, I don't believe that I will be uploading them since there's just way too much to keep track of and I rather would keep them separate. On top of that, the photos are taken with a cellphone camera so the quality isn't good. =[ Maybe I'll post my fourth year thesis photos? I'm not sure.

My old laptop that had all of my art programs on it (Photoshop CS3, SAI), its battery gave in early last year so I haven't been able to do digital work. I did install a bunch of free and neat programs like FireAlpaca, but I don't really use it other than colouring in sketches -- I'm a rusty fart on digital art (I haven't done a serious CG in YEARS) and ironically, I switched to and focusing on traditional art. I guess that also played a contribution to my MIAness here.

I DO still post doodles, sketches, experiments, and whatnot on my tumblr though, just not as often as I like. My work isn't really organised atm either so I would have to organise it at some point.

I'm also doing a Nobunagun related anthology with a friend atm as well hehe.

Oh and I just recently updated my Art Usage Policy for anyone stopping by that wants to use my work or whatever. It's a bit more lenient and nicer sounding lolol.

But yeah if you guys still want to keep in touch with me, you're better off poking me at my tumblr here. I'm much more active on there than here for certain. Perhaps I can try to pop back to deviantART? I probably won't upload that much since I haven't done any serious personal work for a long time but maybe an art dump would be appropriate. If there's anything I'd be doing on dA, it would be cleaning out my watch list (obviously I'll be keeping friends and mutuals). We'll see what goes from here, but I wouldn't count on it. Even if I did come back to post, don't be surprised if I go MIA for long periods of time again.




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If you don't read them, otherwise it's a:

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Hi there, I'm Blazi! I love all kinds of art out there and I am a very open person with trying things out.



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